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Meet the Founder

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Dr. Markenya L. Williams is a Chicagoan, with great Southside pride.  She has been an educator since 2005 and is an active member of the NAACP and proud Board Member of the Illinois Principals Association (Kishwaukee Region,) Burst Into Books Inc. (Chicago,) & St. James Community Church (Chicago.)  Dr. Williams is currently serving as a, tenured-track, Assistant Professor in Illinois.  However, Dr. Williams has held multiple positions and titles throughout her career: teacher’s assistant, teacher, grade level team leader, private tutor, preschool site director, technology coordinator, Local School Council (LSC) member, PBIS coach, attendance team leader, MTSS co-coordinator, assistant principal, diversity & equity chairperson, and much more.


Her passion and commitment to public education have been the fuel for her success as an instructional leader. She believes that all children deserve effective, highly qualified educators and committed leaders who believe in diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.  Dr. Williams holds valid Illinois Type 04 & Type 75 Professional Educator Licenses. Additionally, she has obtained a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Chicago State University, and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from DePaul University.  Dr. Williams' research title was: "Chronic Absenteeism: The Problem, The Participants, The Panacea!



Dr. Williams believes that all students can succeed with adequate resources, experiences, and committed stakeholders that believe in high expectations, self-reflection, and continuous self-improvement. 


"The Panacea Consulting Firm LLC" & "Strengthened To Win Inc" (Nonprofit Organization) was officially founded after Dr. Williams continuously encountered systemic racism, white supremacy, and oppressive environments as a  minority woman, and high achieving professional.  She also witnessed these same unjust behaviors and practices towards minority students within the K-12 setting, which often led to students being over suspended, illiterate, and unwelcome in their neighborhood schools; and she wanted to provide a “panacea” for the trauma that is experienced within and without the school building for marginalized students, educators, parents, families, & individuals!


Dr. Williams’ strong passion for emotional healing, inclusivity, equity, justice, literacy, and social-emotional learning & development for all students has enabled her to be a passionate activist, trailblazer, researcher, instructional leader, coach, professor, and CEO.


My self-propelling and problem-solving capacity enable me to utilize my passions, experiences, and knowledge as an instructional leader and equity warrior to transform institutions & organizations.  

I utilize my professional judgment to make sound decisions in the best interest of students, staff, and families to establish actionable progressive steps. 

 My capacity to examine structures, policies, procedures, & locate gaps within organizations enables me to alter failing systems, identify the root causes of perpetual practices of oppression & underperformance, and implement systemic transformation.

My capacity to create sustainable systems, regardless of individuals, empowers organizations with the essential tools for succession planning and overall success. 

The keen transformational leadership vision that I possess enables me to build collaborative teams, establish new leaders, ensure safe and high-quality classroom experiences for students through organizational strategies, reasonable schedules/timelines, and effective communication.

My in-depth knowledge of child development, the TSG Curriculum, IELDS, CCSS, & MTSS enables me to increase academic rigor, create, plan, and facilitate meaningful PD, and provide curriculum resources for educators, educational resources for parents, and comprehension strategies for students.  

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