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We are highly skilled with years of experience in a wide range of support for school leaders, educators, students, & parents. 

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Culture & Climate Support

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Training & Workshops

Professional development workshops, establish focus groups, and cultural sensitivity training. 

Family Engagement & Involvement

Parent workshops, home-school connections professional development, school-wide engagement action plans, and data disaggregation support.

Culture & Climate Interventions

Needs assessments, relationship-building strategies, inclusivity practices, workplace healing, and effective communication support with all stakeholders.


Compliance, Interventions, & Program Developments

Chronic Absenteeism Interventions

Attendance action plans that include strategic interventions/incentives in alignment with districts’ & schools’ attendance needs & budgetary allotment.  Data management,  accountability systems creation and progress monitoring for all stakeholders. Family involvement support.

Restorative Practices

Professional development training and coaching tailored to individual schools’ and classrooms’ needs.  Classroom management and implementation support

PBIS Implementation

Coaching & data monitoring for effective PBIS systems, and tiered level supports. 

MTSS Implementation

Tiered systems development and monitoring support. Data disaggregation, intervention planning, and professional development training.

Early Childhood Program Effectiveness & Compliance

ECERS, CLASS, & PFA compliance support.  TSG professional development, curriculum fidelity, and progress monitoring training. SEL curriculum development, ESI-K screenings, create/plan schedules, classroom setups, and attendance intervention strategies. Teacher/Paraprofessional team coaching, family engagement programs, and establish progress monitoring systems. 


Coaching, Mentoring, & Tutoring Assistance

Teacher Development & Mentoring 

Unpack and align teaching practices with: The Framework for Teaching, TSG, ECERS, & CLASS. Classroom management, data analysis, and progress monitoring support.  Informal observations and actionable feedback.

Private Student Tutoring

Enrichment and remediation tutoring sessions that are tailored to students’ individual academic needs and growth targets.

Parent University Coaching and Workshops: COVID-19 Edition

Individualized coaching sessions that focus on strategies for remote learning success, social-emotional developmental strategies, home-school connections, and building support systems. Student-advocate support.

Youth Mentoring

Mentorship programs and workshops that focus on self-esteem, character development, trauma support & coping strategies, career selection guidance, community involvement, cultural awareness, and entrepreneurship.

Doctoral Studies & Program Completion Coaching

University explorations, program choice, and application completion support. Research and dissertation topic coaching.  Committee member partnership, and interval program coaching. 


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