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We are highly skilled with years of experience in a wide range of support for school leaders, educators, students, parents, & individuals. 

View our focus areas below and click "Connect With Us" when you are ready to schedule a consultation! 


Culture & Climate Support

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & Belonging Training & Workshops

Plan & facilitate staff retreats, DEIB workshops & implicit bias PD/trainings,  equity audits, establish/facilitate focus & affinity group meetings, cultural sensitivity training, inclusivity training, book studies, & more! 

Family Engagement & Involvement

Parent workshops, home-school connections PD, school-wide engagement action plans & data disaggregation support, GED prep courses, plan & facilitate family retreats, college/career/trade program selection & planning, & more!

Culture & Climate Interventions

Needs assessments, relationship-building strategies, administrator development & coaching for retention interventions &/or remediation support, inclusivity practices, workplace healing, effective communication strategies, plan & facilitate staff retreats, & more!

Culture &Climate Support

Compliance, Interventions, & Program Developments

Chronic Absenteeism Interventions

Attendance audits, attendance action plan development that includes strategic interventions/incentives in alignment with districts’ & schools’ attendance needs & budgetary allotment.  Data management,  accountability systems creation and progress monitoring cycles for all stakeholders. Family involvement support.  Attendance team creation & team support.  Individualized & team coaching sessions, professional development workshops, & more!

Restorative Practices

Professional development training and coaching tailored to individual schools’ and classrooms’ needs.  Classroom management support, behavioral interventions & implementation support, & more!

PBIS Implementation

Coaching & data monitoring for effective PBIS systems, and tiered level supports. 

MTSS Implementation

Develop & support new MTSS teams, tiered systems development, implementation, and monitoring support. Data disaggregation, intervention planning, and professional development workshops & training.

Early Childhood Program Effectiveness & Compliance

ELA & Math Interventions, ECERS, CLASS, & PFA compliance support.  TSG professional development, curriculum fidelity, and progress monitoring training. SEL curriculum development, ESI-K screenings, create/plan schedules, classroom setups, and attendance intervention strategies. Teacher/Paraprofessional team coaching, family engagement programs, develop  progress monitoring systems, & more! 

C, I, PD

Coaching, Mentoring, & Tutoring Assistance

Teacher Development & Mentoring 

Unpack and align teaching practices with: The Framework for Teaching, TSG, ECERS, CLASS, &/or CCSS. Classroom management, data analysis, and progress monitoring support. Technology training & workshops, informal observations and actionable feedback, retention interventions, 

Private Student Tutoring

Enrichment and remediation tutoring sessions that are tailored to students’ individual academic needs and growth targets (Pre-K - College grade levels).

Parent University
Coaching, Trainings, & Workshops

Child development workshops, individualized coaching & group sessions that focus on strategies for remote learning success, social-emotional development, home-school connections and strong support systems PD. Student-advocate support. GED prep courses & more!

Youth Mentoring

Mentorship programs and workshops that focus on self-esteem, leadership, character development, &/or, faith. Trauma support & coping strategies, identity awareness, career selection guidance, community involvement, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, & more!

Doctoral Studies & Program Completion Coaching

Stress-management support, University explorations, program choice, and application completion support. Research topic development and dissertation/ capstone coaching.  Committee member partnership, and interval program coaching. 

Individual Coaching 

Home-work-life integration, emotional healing support, self-advocacy & identity discovery, motivation, faith, & healthy relationship solutions. Child-parent advocate, K-12 navigation & accountability support, stress management, plan/facilitate personal &/or family retreats, & more!

Coaching Mentoring

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