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Dr. Williams is a patient, knowledgeable educator who is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, students’ attendance and academic achievement.  The implementation strategies that she provided benefited the entire community and most importantly, students’ academic success.  My team & I are so grateful for her dedication, interventions & support! 

Dr. K. Asaf, Network Chief, Chicago, IL

Dr. Williams is extremely collaborative, passionate, and resourceful.  She inspires those she interacts with to offer their very best to students and families through inclusive practices & equitable resources. She is committed to the field & well versed in many areas.

Dr. M. Belin, Principal, Huntley, IL 

Dr. Williams is an awesome mentor!  She is extremely knowledgeable of best practices for students’ engagement, participation, and reflection.  She has wonderful classroom management strategies, data analysis, and progress monitoring resources.

S. Smith, Teacher, Chicago, IL

Dr. Williams is an Early Childhood Education guru!  She is passionate about literacy and social-emotional development for young children.  Her workshops and trainings are always interactive, resourceful, and practical for educators and parents.

E. Washington, Daycare Owner,

South Holland, IL

Dr. Williams is a great thought partner and innovator.  She is passionate about all students thriving in PLCs that support them culturally, social-emotionally, physically, mentally, and academically.  Dr. Williams’ collaborative presence truly transforms schools’ culture & climate, and I am excited about this partnership.

Dr. J. Prickett, Principal, McHenry County, IL 

Dr. Williams truly loves children! She is so patient with my son during tutoring sessions.  She keeps me well informed of his academic progress and strategies that I can implement with him in between sessions.  I have seen tremendous growth in his self-confidence and academic success!

Dr. A. Wilks, Parent,

Frankfort, IL

Dr. Williams is innovative and utilizes a systemic lens when developing plans, programs, and progress monitoring tools.  She is an effective communicator, a great collaborative, and a passionate educator.

Dr. L. Daniels, District Administrator, Skokie, IL

Dr. Williams is an exemplary educator and her educational leadership skills are stellar. She has helped me create and execute numerous initiatives within my nonprofit. I always seek her wisdom and input when designing curriculum. Dr. Williams is definitely an asset to my board, organization, and the community.

J. Gorham, Founder/President, Burst Into Books, Chicago, IL

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