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Help us strengthen others to achieve more!

"Strengthened To Win Inc." (Nonprofit Organization) is a sister agency of "The Panacea Consulting Firm LLC."  Strengthened To Win Inc. is committed to creating inclusive, equitable, and supportive school environments for all students. However, systemic racism often causes minority students, families, and educators to experience high levels of trauma within K-12 settings, which often creates anxiety, stress, and barriers to achievement. 


The needs of marginalized communities go beyond the school environment and are often rooted in urgent demands for: food, shelter, therapy, clothes, legal assistance, school supplies, health care, and much more. 


Giving of any amount can further assist with the mission/vision of Strengthened To Win Inc. and assist with strengthening marginalized communities through equitable resources and adequate support. 

Dr. Williams would like to purchase a new building for the organization, create jobs for the marginalized, provide resources for educators, students, & families who have also been impacted by systemic racism, and share stories about her professional experiences & encounters internationally.   

Your financial support is sincerely appreciated. We thank you in advance!

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